About Tabono

The term TABONO is an African expression that denotes strength, confidence and persistence. It perfectly encapsulates the vision of the brand, its equipments and its customers.

Under the banner of Vision Display, ‘Tabono Fitness’ is our first multidisciplinary project in the fitness industry; we are excited as well as willing to take this venture to the next level of fitness world and give our members a well-balanced fitness experience for their healthier, happier lifestyle they desire. At Tabono we offer this and more to keep you fit and healthy not for just a month or two but for an entire lifetime. Undoubtedly Tabono makes it easy to fit healthy living into your busy schedule. With our motivating trainers, innovative teachings and tons of Biomechanics equipment, we have everything you need to get and stay in shape. From the way you feel to the friends you make, you're going to love working out here with us.

In Tabono gym you will find all the fitness machines with excellent mechanics, all designed by following the principles of biomechanics in each one of it. This allows the users to perform their workout in a precise posture with minimum or no injury or sprain of any kind in body.

We are looking forward and working each day towards introducing our brand Tabono Fitness in every major city of India through our Franchise model. Our aim is to give a quality services to our gym members and build a lasting relationship with every one of them. We believe “reference is more effective than advertisement”.

Our Programs:

Our fitness programs for individuals are completely designed on scientific basis and these programs mainly focus on FAT LOSS and MUSCLES BUILDING of an overweight person. Basically our workout program at TABONO GYM helps in improving the five major components of fitness, namely

1.  Strength
2.  Body Composition
3.  Flexibility
4.  Muscles Endurance
5.  Cardio Vascular Endurance

We can assure you that our fitness program is 100% result oriented and you can see the difference yourself within a short time. Our program has helped 100’s of fitness lovers in the past to get their body in perfect shape and weight and it will help more such individuals in the future as well. It is now time for you to become a part of this life transforming program with TABONO FITNESS.


“To transform your body towards a new fitness level”

Our primary focus is to give you all the necessary support and educate you towards building a new fitness level for yourself. We truly believe that every person is unique and so they require a unique fitness program to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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GYM Address

Shop 57/58, Satra Park, Near Veg. Treat Restaurant, Shimpoli Naka,Borivali (W), Mumbai 400 092.

+91-8104800281 / +91-8104800282


Registered Office

Shop No.4, Bldg No.5, Siddharth Nagar, Next to Gayatri mata Temple Borivali (east), Mumbai 400 066.

+91-9320365005 / 06